WaterCar Yangwang U8

Chinese automobile giant BYD introduced a new car Yangwang U8
Yangwang U8 WaterCar

Chinese automobile giant BYD introduced a new car Yangwang U8.

This car has four motors in total – 1,097 hp. And with these motors acceleration to 100 km/h is 3.6 seconds. Yangwang U8 has four-wheel drive and four-motor drive, this is what allows the jeep to turn around 360 degrees standing still, that is spinning. This car has a super passability, it also floats!

WaterCar Yangwang U8
Yangwang U8


BYD U8 is an electric vehicle and it is equipped with on-board drones. The electric car has a solid-state electric battery with a range of 500 km. Hybrid 150 in electric mode.

Jeep’s key feature

A key feature of the Jeep is the new Yisifang control system. It regulates the torque of the four engines in real time – this will undoubtedly help in case the steering wheel fails or the tire bursts. BYD claims that the reaction speed of Yisifang is more than 100 times faster than the classic perfect drive system. There are different driving modes of this car – mode on snowfall, mode on ice, desert slopes. U8 is also equipped with a waterproof case and engine that is IP68 rated, allowing the SUV to cross bodies of water. And there is a mode that allows you to move on a flat tire at speeds up to 120 km/h. The SUV also supports crab mode to provide better maneuverability of the vehicle while driving off-road.

WaterCar Yangwang U8

The name of this new car is “Look up U8”.

Being the “number one” in China with four-engine drive car technology, Yi sifang has not followed the classical theory and “rules” of auto drive and is able to bet on the technology of independent vector control of 4 engines to clearly control the dynamics of a four-wheeled vehicle. But this concept was disclosed long ago, automaker VW is considered the first car brand, which used this technology and put it into production. The development of the four-engine drive “Easy Quartet” has made a completely fresh auto security system.


  • length 5300 mm,
  • wheelbase 3050 mm,
  • Tire size: 275/60 R20 and R22

“Yi Sifang” is a set of power systems with four-engine independent drive technology as the core, in consequence, we cannot apply the classic fuel-powered cars or three-engine drive form, which used to be the technical “ceiling” for realizing “Yi Sifang” technology. The “Easy Quartet” apron has reached the highest motor speed of 20,500 rpm, and the ultimate power of the car is above 1,097 horsepower.

Compared to the classic fuel-powered vehicle power system, the Easy quartet development allows autonomous regulation of the vehicle’s four-wheel drive dynamics at milliseconds with the support of a more sensitive electric drive system, which allows better control of the vehicle’s body position when driving.

The car without any problems achieved the value of IP68, which allows the SUV to cross bodies of water.

The interior of the SUV is equipped with a wide dashboard and a large multimedia. There are versions with 5 and 7 seats. The basic configuration includes all-around cameras, and among the options promise autopilot. Overall length of U8 is 5.3 meters, that is, it is more than 300 millimeters longer than Toyota Land Cruiser 300, and wheelbase is 3050 mm. It also features hidden door handles and 22-inch wheels.

WaterCar Yangwang U8

BYD U8 body colors

There are 7 body colors to choose from, 7 colors are inspired by precious minerals, such as dragon stone greenish (glossy or matte), sandstone greenish (glossy or matte), sandstone greenish (matte), moon silver (matte), snow white fluorite and black obsidian.


BYD previously reported that YangWang models will cost between 800,000 and 1,500,000 yen ($116272-218,000). Prices for the U8, according to Chinese media, are around 1,000,000 yen ($145,340).

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