New BMW Fifth Series Station Wagon: Diesel and Electricity

New BMW Fifth Series Station Wagon: Diesel and Electricity

New BMW Fifth Series Station Wagon: Diesel and Electricity

It looks like you’ve provided information about BMW’s new fifth-series station wagon, specifically the station wagon (Touring) version labeled G61. Here’s a summary of the key points:

Introduction of the G61 Touring: The station wagon version of the new BMW Fifth Series, known as the Touring with the G61 index, was introduced in addition to the sedan.

Engine lineup: Initial engine options for the Touring model include diesel and electric versions. Gasoline engines will appear later, but only as part of the plug-in hybrid configurations.

Design Features: The Touring version completely replicates the sedan’s look, especially in the center stance. The rear of the station wagon retains the recognizable proportions of previous generations, showcasing a blocked rear window and a slightly lowered roof line.


Dimensions: The Touring model has grown in size compared to its predecessor, matching the base G60 sedan. The dimensions are as follows:

Length: 5060 mm (+97 mm)
Width: 1900 mm (+32 mm)
Height: 1515 mm (+17 mm)
Wheelbase: 2995 mm (+20 mm)

Wheel options: Base wheels for the diesel versions are 18 inches, while the electric versions are fitted with 19-inch wheels. Larger wheels up to 21 inches in diameter are available as an option for both versions, most likely at an additional cost.


New BMW Fifth Series Station Wagon: Diesel and Electricity

Overall, the new BMW Fifth Series Universal G61 Touring offers an expanded engine lineup, updated design elements, and increased dimensions compared to its predecessor.

Here’s a brief additional information about the cargo-carrying BMW Fifth Series Universal G61 Touring:

Interior Features: The Touring model’s interior is identical to the sedan and includes screens for the instrument panel (12.3 inches) and iDrive multimedia system (14.9 inches). A projection display with augmented reality can be ordered at an additional cost. It is emphasized that the standard interior is completely «vegan».


Cargo and passenger capacity: The Touring model’s cargo capacity is emphasized. The trunk volume is 570 liters (compared to 520 liters for the sedan). Folding the backrest of the rear row (divided in the proportion 40:20:40) flush with the floor increases the cargo space to 1700 liters. The electric drive of the fifth door is present, but the traditional lift-up rear window, characteristic for BMW station wagons, has been abandoned.

Electric versions: Two electric versions of the BMW i5 Touring are available at launch:

eDrive40 (rear-wheel drive): Single engine, 340 hp, 430 Nm, 0-100 km/h in 6.1 seconds, range 560 km (WLTP).
M60 xDrive (all-wheel drive): Twin-cylinder engine, 601 hp, 820 Nm (launch control mode), 0-100 km/h in 3.9 seconds, range 506 km (WLTP).
Both versions are equipped with a 400-volt 81.2 kWh traction battery with an advanced thermal management system. Charging options include 11 kW AC (22 kW optional) and up to 205 kW DC.
Diesel versions: Diesel variants include the BMW 520d Touring (rear-wheel drive) and BMW 520d xDrive Touring (all-wheel drive), both powered by a 2.0 four-cylinder turbodiesel (197 hp, 400 Nm), a 48-volt auxiliary hybrid unit and an eight-speed automatic transmission. A 540d xDrive with a diesel turbo six is promised for the summer of the launch year, as well as two plug-in hybrids with two-liter gasoline engines — the 530e and 530e xDrive.

Sales and pricing: Sales of the new G61 station wagon are scheduled to start in Germany, most EU countries and Japan in May 2024. Pricing has not yet been announced, but is expected to be slightly higher than the sedan, which starts at a minimum of €57,550.

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