Most durable 36,000 miles

Ford’s Super Duty, an improved version will appear in 2023

The Roush Super Duty 2023 conversion costs $13,400 more than the original purchase price and includes the usual three-year or 36,000-mile warranty and a bunch of other nice little things.

Ford Super Duty 2023

Ford’s Way

Ford has been busy promoting its motorsports ideas lately, including a new S650-based Mustang for the mechanical GT3 and GT4, and an all-electric 1,408-horsepower Supervan 4.2. Legendary driver Romain Dumas drove an impressive second place overall. However, there was little time to introduce one of its best-selling series, the new 2023 F-Class Supertruck. This supertruck is said to have a significant technical advantage over its competitors with its fighter-shaped projection screen and advanced intelligence to «get the job done.»

Tuning company

If you want the new 2023 Super Duty to be more than just a spectacle, you need to head to Livonia, Michigan. Because this tuning company, known for its exciting supercharger kits, has unveiled its latest «truck,» the new Roush Super Duty. According to Aftermarket, it «improves the performance of Ford’s toughest truck with off-road suspension, improved brakes, exhaust system and a host of other premium features and styling enhancements.» The aftermarket industry leader backs up its claims with features such as a dual-head exhaust system, suspension components jointly developed by Roush and Fox, stronger slotted brake discs, and special off-road wheels and tires.

Ford Super Duty 2023

Developed by Roush

Pay $61,410 or $62,460 for the F-250 or F-350 in the Lariat trim, plus an additional $9,995 to replace the 7.3-liter V8 gasoline engine with the 6.7-liter Power Stroke V8 turbo engine, plus $13,400 for It finishes the Roush quietly and unobtrusively. Add to that a choice of 10 exclusive body colors, wide painted fenders integrated into the light and exclusive Roush design elements on the grille, hood, windshield and trunk lid and you’re all set. Additional options include the Rocker Accents graphics package and the Roush Ready Pack, which includes a lockable console compartment and off-road accessories (jumper cables, tow strap and sling, ratchet strap, Roush branded light and gloves). Roush Ready Pack.

Ford Super Duty 2023

In the car

Inside the interior, Roush upgrades are designed to add a touch of luxury: Roush embroidered headrests, custom nameplates, WeatherTech floor coverings and premium leather in «coffee brown with black suede inlay with hexagon pattern» as options. These (largely) invisible upgrades include the Roush/Fox 2.0 suspension system, the Roush front brake package and the Roush dual-tip DPF exhaust — rear exhaust. In addition, Roush’s 20-inch matte black rims are fitted with 35-inch General Tire Grabber A/TX off-road tires.

Ford Super Duty 2023

Ford Super Duty 2023

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