INEOS Grenadier Unveils Distinctive Quartermaster Pickup and Hydrogen Prototype at Goodwood Festival


INEOS, the renowned British chemical company turned automaker, made a significant impact at the prestigious Goodwood Festival of Speed by unveiling two remarkable additions to its lineup. The INEOS Grenadier Quartermaster, a pickup-truck rendition of their iconic Grenadier SUV, and an innovative hydrogen fuel-cell prototype version of the Grenadier SUV took center stage, showcasing INEOS’ commitment to innovation, versatility, and sustainable mobility solutions.


The Impressive Grenadier Quartermaster:

INEOS pays homage to the legendary Land Rover Defender while venturing further into the automotive industry with the Grenadier Quartermaster. This rugged pickup truck retains the Grenadier SUV’s tough ladder-frame chassis and is equipped with a formidable 282-hp BMW inline-six engine. With an elongated chassis, the Quartermaster offers a spacious 61.6-by-63.7-inch bed, surpassing the cargo box dimensions of competitors like the Chevy Colorado. Its exceptional towing capacity of 7716 pounds, payload of 1676 pounds, and various accessories make it a practical and versatile workhorse for off-road adventures.

The Future of Sustainable Mobility: Hydrogen Prototype:

INEOS presented an intriguing hydrogen fuel-cell prototype version of the Grenadier SUV, powered by BMW’s cutting-edge hydrogen fuel-cell system. This pioneering prototype boasts a range of approximately 300 miles on a tank, thanks to the robust 395-hp powertrain borrowed from the iX5. With its distinctive design and commitment to sustainability, the hydrogen Grenadier represents INEOS’ dedication to alternative fuel sources. While the prototype features a notable hood bulge to accommodate the fuel cell, INEOS assures enthusiasts that this aesthetic element will not be present in future production models.


INEOS’ Vision for the Future:

INEOS’ commitment to sustainable mobility extends beyond the Grenadier lineup. The company plans to introduce an all-electric model in 2026, further solidifying its dedication to eco-friendly transportation solutions. Lynn Calder, the CEO of INEOS, emphasizes the suitability of hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles for long journeys, citing the company’s significant hydrogen production capacity of over 400,000 tons per year. Calder urges policy makers to invest in the infrastructure needed for the next generation of hydrogen vehicles, ensuring a smooth transition to cleaner transportation options.



INEOS Grenadier’s unveiling of the Quartermaster pickup and the hydrogen fuel-cell prototype at the Goodwood Festival of Speed showcased the company’s commitment to innovation, versatility, and sustainability. With the Quartermaster, INEOS pays tribute to the iconic Land Rover Defender while expanding its automotive offerings with a rugged and capable pickup truck. Simultaneously, the hydrogen prototype represents INEOS’ vision for a greener future and highlights the potential of hydrogen fuel-cell technology. As INEOS continues to forge ahead, their dedication to alternative fuel sources and environmentally conscious mobility solutions sets a promising precedent for the automotive industry.

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